A zero waste soy cappuccino & 6 tips

Thoughts in front of a cappuccino
Pensieri davanti a un cappuccino - Thoughts in front of a cappuccino

Goodmorning! Have you already had breakfast? I hope you don’t, because today I want to share my soy cappuccino with you.
If it’s the first time you read my blog, you need to know I’m very interested in saving money and the planet. One way to to do this is to have your meals and drinks at home, but sometimes it’s important to treat yourself to don’t feel like you’re stealing happy moments to yourself. This helps to stick to the zero waste journey.

Stolen shots
Stolen shots

So today I had soy cappuccino in one of my favorite cafeteria while writing this post to share with you 6 tips to save the planet while you’re having your favorite drink. This is very important to me since I worked like waitress to pay for my studies and I know the stuff happening in the backstage:coffee shop owners need help from us in their zero waste switch.

  • Don’t use sugar. Yes, in cafes sugar it’s free and you may not think to its inviromental impact while you’re in relaxed mode. I saw that in cafes the worst trash to recycle is the little one. Plus, sugar (even brown one) is never good for health.
  • Ask for no straw. Straws are plastic and plastic sucks. I don’t have to explain that, have I? Plus I don’t see the point in adding TWO straws in cocktails. Free waste. Good and fashion alternative: reusable straws.
  • Don’t take away or do it better. Unfortunately those really instagrammable paper glasses are not recyclable and the top lead it’s plastic. If you really can’t sit and have drinks in the cafe, you can buy a reusable and very stylish mug.
  • Ask for water in a glass. This is even a saving money tip because often you don’t have to pay for it. If you need a bottle to take water with you ask if they can refill yours with sink water (if potable). If they don’t, find another favorite cafe. It might seem extreme, but hey, maybe the competitors care more about the planet.
    Be zero waste: put that sugar away.
    Be zero waste: put that sugar away.


  • Don’t use plastic napkins. Don’t use napkins at all.You might don’t know it, but those little napkins on each cafe table are made of plastic. They are useless, trust me: they don’t absorb or clean up anything and they’re not compostable. What’s their point?! It’s free, useless, unrecyclable trash. Take your cotton napkin with you, it’s better.
  • Don’t use disposable towels. Every public bathroom has them and they say the electric hand dryer is not so hygienic. Leave your doubts home: use a cotton napkin, again. Infact, I always have two with me. 😉

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